Does Acid Cause Depression

Does Acid Cause Depression

LSD/ALD-52 or “Acid” have unique effects. It can be great and energetic for some people but can do the opposite in some people. It majorly affects the brain and its functions. Researches do not know yet that how acid works, few studies suggest that it might relate to some parts of the brain and not connect with others, so it performs differently from person to person.

The connection between depression and Acid is very complex. It might help to cure depression but also it can be dangerous at the same time. The micro-dosing of the acid helped people which makes them believe that it is helpful. According to them, to take a very low dose within a time span can help them fight depression which is not possible after the years of therapy.

The mental health disorders occur due to loss or destruction of brain cells, research shows that Acid or ALD-52 helps in the regeneration of these cells, hence, able to cure the disorder or their problems, including depression.

The experts and researchers are still unsure about the use of such drugs or acid to help in managing depression. Despite the popularity of the micro dosage, these drugs are still not legal and only be available for clinical trials. Studies show that to some extend, acid is used to cure some of the symptoms related to mental health disorders, but nothing is long-lasting.

While there are many backs from the study that LSD gives neutral or positive effects on the people who were suffering or facing depression, others who used it reported long-termed opposite or negative effects including depressed moods, disturb mindset, and anxiety.

The reason behind this is the same as for people with positive results. If one is getting a positive effect, other can get a negative effect on it. There is a possibility for both conditions. People get affected by acid differently, so the effect caused by it also varies from person to person.

The phrase “Bad Trip” does also occurs while using such a drug. It can cause psychotic events to the person. The upset thoughts, anxiety, and depression are the common reactions caused when the drug poorly response to them.

Hence, to conclude that whether the acid is good or bad for depression, more research is needed to understand that how and when the drug reacts differently in the different persons even giving the same amount for the same reasons.