Final expense insurance is insurance on the amount that your family or friends need to spend on your death. It includes medical bills and the bills of the funeral also all other expenses that may arise after your death. It is called burial insurance because unfortunately, mourning on the death of your loved ones can also cost thousands of rupees.

Basics about the final expense insurance

Final expense insurance is nothing same as a regular life insurance policy. Getting life insurance means leaving enough finances to support your family even after your death. Term insurance, as well as permanent life insurance policies,  are agreed upon the insurance amount based your income now and for the rest of your life. However, your earning power analysis has nothing to do with the final expense insurance because it is based on the kind of funeral you want. Very rarely a final expense policy goes over $20,000. However, other insurance policies can go over and over millions of dollar. for more information visit here

The need for final expense insurance varies from person to person. If you have a strong source of income even after you pass away, you don’t need insurance, however, if you don’t have an earning adult in the family after you’re gone, go for insurance so that mourning your death doesn’t end up being a financial burden on them. Also, if you have life insurance, you might not need a final expense one. Otherwise, you might want to consider it for the same reason.

Alternatively, in case your family have sufficient assets, you may consider another option called self-insurance.  Self-insurance is something more complicated than you may think. Under this policy, you use your own money for your funeral rather than the insurance money received.

Also, don’t forget to take into account the picture of your funeral in your head. If you want your funeral to be catered by a good chef or want your ashes to fly abroad, it will cost your family a good fortune, and you might want to have insurance.

Cost of the insurance

The exact cost of insurance depends on the age of the insured. The older the insured, the greater would be the premium money because the insurance companies are at greater risk when insuring an elderly who is close to death. Which makes getting insurance at the age of 45 a wiser option than wait for 75 to get one.