Being single and not getting offers of marriage is undoubtedly wrong. This is where people start to get desperate and hence they try to find various sources from where they could get profiles for their marriage. This is where RVD matrimonial services marriage therapist, takes advantage of the situation and then trick people of their hard earned money. They promise people to provide good profiles for marriage to the individuals and then don’t fulfill their services. Below is a little more of the information regarding the same, so do read it out.

No picking up of calls

When the money was being provided to the firm you would realize that they are now not paying any attention towards you. The company even stoops down to the level where they don’t pick calls of their clients. This is where you would realize that your hard earned money went down the drain and you won’t be getting any profiles for marriage.

No support provided

You won’t be provided any support by the people of the firm when they have leached out the desired money from you. As mentioned in the above point even your phone calls won’t be picked up. If you move to their office to complain in person, you won’t be finding anybody there to help you out. Even if you find someone there they would tell you that more money is needed for the whole process and you need to pay more.

Similar cases against the firm

A lot of cases against the company has been registered against the company in the past. So if you think that you are the first one that has been duped by the company then you are wrong. Search the World Wide Web for more information about the company and you are going to get reviews which tell about the reality of the same.

Being single for a long period is undoubtedly not good, this is where people try to get help from various matrimonial trusts. This is where RVD matrimonial services marriage therapist, takes advantage of the individuals who are desperate to get married as soon as possible and trick people. This is why you should gain enough information about the same and then pay money to the firm. So next time if a firm asks you for money in return for their services then get to know more about them and then pay them.